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Press release publication in Technical Journals and Newspapers

Empresa XXI sectorial newspaper new: Press release in which IK4-Azterlan promotes the development of structural components at low cost, published on 1st April, 2013. Empresa XXI is addressed to Basque Country industries with an average of 8,418 copies per issue.

– ASCAMM has published a press released in different Technical Journals, such as Fundipress and Auto-Revista, and in some Newspapers, such as Diari de Sabadell,

Interempresas newspaper: Press release in which IK4-Azterlan published a new about the objectives of Soundcast project. Published on 12nd May, 2013. Interempresas is a sectorial newspaper addressed to metal industries.

IK4News: On 4th June, 2013 a newsletter addressed to IK4 research alliance community shows the presentation of the new secondary alloy for high ductility HPDC in the 6  months Soundcast meeting. The publication circulated between 1,200 researchers and technicians.


–     IK4-Azterlan announces that ‘Soundcast project is the answer to the need for democratization of high integrity light weight structural castings’ published at European parliament journal, Regional Review, page 20. The same publication can be found On-line on the Parliament Magazine website, October 2015, read article.

Printed copies were delivered to all 751 MEPs and the publication has been circulated throughout the European Commission, Committee of the Regions, the European Council and for the 6,000 regional and municipal delegates attending the Committee of the Regions’ OPEN DAYS Week of Europe’s Regions and Cities. On the other hand, Parliament Magazine website is receiving 75,000 visits per month from institutions, companies, NGO’s, charities, regional governments and development agencies all over the European Union.


– IK4-Azterlan promotes the development of structural automotive parts at low cost, Interempresas, 17/05/2013, read article. Estimates reveal that there were 18,645 visits in the news sections.


– The automotive industry searches for lighter and sustainable alloys, AGENCIA SINC, Estrategia Empresarial No. 502, 16/11/15-30/11/15.


Conferences and Congresses

Participation in NADCA: Die Casting Congress & Exposition 2012.Oral presentation. C. Bagnoud from VDS presented the article ‘Something New in Vacuum Die-Casting: ProVac® Ultra Sonic Vacuum Valve’. The congress took place in Indianapolis, USA, from 8th to 10th of October, 2012 and its audience consists mainly of International people from Scientific and Die Casting industries.


Technical conference at Tabira Institute On 13rd March 2013 in Durango (Spain) AZTERLAN presented a technical teleconference regarding Ductile HPDC alloys. 82 delegates from France, Sweden and Spain attended the event. Most of them work for HPDC aluminium foundries and supply chain.

Participation in the 71st  World Foundry Congress: Two oral presentations of papers and one Young Student’s Seminar. The 71st WFC was held in Bilbao, from 19th to 21st May 2014. The WFC was a gathering place where materials experts can share research, network, and grow professionally. The WFC had more than two hundred abstract and posters from thirty countries with a global assistance of 1100 foundry professionals.”


–  IK4-Azterlan and Eurecat (Ascamm) presented the paper “Microstructural features of primary and secondary ductile high pressure die casting alloys for the automotive industry” IK4-AZTERLAN: A. Bakedano, R. González-Martínez, A. Niklas, M. Garat, A.I. Fernández-Calvo ASCAMM (Eurecat):M. da Silva. This is part of the development of new secondary alloy for HPDC performed in the Soundcast project. Paper on CD procedings. WFC 2014-Bakedano et al

-TU-BS and Chem-Trend presented the paper ‘Increasing the weldability of die parts by minimal lubrication’ TU-BS: Ch. Garthoff, H. Pries, K.Dilger Chem-Trend: D. Tomazic. Paper on CD procedings. OR39-GARTHOFF_FPAPER_OK_EV-1

– Ana Fernández (IK4-AZTERLAN) presented on 21st May 2015: “Manufacturing of structural parts by HPDC Technology”, as part of the Young Students´ Seminar at 71st World Foundry Congress. 82 students and technicians from international Universities, research centre, foundries and supply chain industries exchange experience and information regarding materials and foundry technology, Manufacturing of structural parts by HPDC technology-WFC 2014.

– Participation in XIII Congreso Nacional de Materiales. Poster & abstract on conference procedings. Eurecat (former Ascamm) presented the paper ‘Efecto de la composición en la microestructura de piezas inyectadas con aleaciones de aluminio de primera y segunda fusión’ ASCAMM (actual Eurecat):   E. Nogués, M. da Silva IK4-AZTERLAN: A. Bakedano, R. González-Martínez, A. Niklas,   A.I. Fernández-Calvo. The congress was held in Barcelona, from 18th to 20th June 2014 and 276 national scientific & technical people from the materials sector were gathered.  Poster.

Participation in ICALEO® conference 2014: International Congress on Applications of Lasers & Electro-Optics. Oral presentation & paper on CD proceedings. TU-BS presented the article ‘Possibilities of improving weld seam quality in laser welding of aluminium die cast’ TU-BS: C. Börner, C. Garthoff, H. Pries, K. Dilger. The ICALEO conference 2014 was held, from 19th to 23th October 2014, in San Diego, Californian (USA). More than 500 international people from the laser sector took part in the congress.

– Participation in European Conference on heat Treatment 2015 & 22nd IFHTSE Congress. Oral presentation & paper on CD proceedings. IK4-AZTERLAN presented the paper ‘Heat Treatment optimisation of Secondary AlSi10MnMg (Fe) test parts fabricated by vacuum assisted high pressure die casting technology’ IK4-AZTERLAN: A.I. Fernández-Calvo, A. Bakedano, E. Barbarias, F. Santos. A. Niklas. The congress and conference took place in Venire (Italy) on 20th – 22th May 2015 gathering 260 international Scientists & experts involved in the heat treatment and surface engineering route.

Participation in Aluminium Two Thousand World Congress and International Conference on Extrusion and Benchmark. Oral presentation & paper on Material Todays Journal (Materials Today: Proceedings, Volume 2, Issue 10, Part A, 2015, Pages 4931–4938). IK4-AZTERLAN and EURECAT (former Ascamm) presented the paper ‘Effect of microstructure and casting defects on the mechanical properties of secondary AlSi10MnMg (Fe) test parts manufactured by vacuum assisted high pressure die casting technology’ IK4-AZTERLAN: A. Niklas, A. Bakedano, S. Orden,   A.I. Fernández-Calvo ASCAMM (Eurecat)(*): M. da Silva, E. Nogués. The congress was held, from 12th to 16th May 2015, in Florence (Italy). More than 500 international people related to Scientific & Aluminium technologies assisted to the congress. 2015_Niklas_Materials today_defects_HPDC.

– On 26th November 2015 IK4-AZTERLAN organized the 3rd International Technical Forum on the high pressure die casting technologyKey innovation factors in High Pressure Die Casting for Structural Components’ at Automotive Intelligence Center in Boroa (Spain). 130 delegates from HPDC aluminium foundries and supply chain attended and speakers from Buhler (Switzerland), Nemak (Poland), Georg fischer (Germany), ChemTrend, Electronics (Germany), and IK4-Azterlan (Spain) took part in the conference. “Metalurgia en los componentes de alta ductilidad. El pasado y futuro de las aleaciones de alumino” IK4-Azterlan: Emili Barbarias, Asier Bakedano.

Paper accepted for oral presentation at High Tech Die Casting 2016,22-23 June, Venice (Italy), Title: “A new secondary AlSi10MnMg(Fe) alloy for manufacture ductile aluminium parts by vacuum assisted high pressure die casting technology”, Authors: IK4-AZTERLAN: A.I. Fernández-Calvo, A. Bakedano, S. Orden, A. Niklas, EURECAT: E. Nogués, M. da Silva and RUFFINI:  E. Roset

 Paper accepted for oral presentation at High Tech Die Casting 2016,22-23 June, Venice (Italy), Title: “Laser Beam Welding of Highly Ductile Secondary HPDC Aluminium Alloy at Reduced Ambient Pressure”, Authors: TU-BS: K. Dilger; H. Pries; S. Müller; F. Teichmann and Schmale and Schulte: S. Greis

Abstract accepted for oral presentation at: INALCO 2016: 13th International Aluminium Conference, 21-23 September, 2016 Napoli (Italy), Title: “Microstructure and mechanical properties of a new secondary AlSi10MnMg(Fe) alloy for ductile high pressure die casting parts for the automotive industry”, Authors: IK4-AZTERLAN: A.I. Fernández-Calvo, A. Bakedano, S. Orden, A. Niklas, EURECAT: E. Nogués, M. da Silva. The paper will be published on the peer reviewed journal “Advanced Materials Research”.





EUROGUSS 2014, the International Trade Fair for Die Casting, took place from 14th to 16th of January in Nürnberg (Germany). The 10th EUROGUSS Fair closed with a high participation: 470 exhibitors and 11.187 trade visitors. It is remarkable that more than half of the exhibitors (51 per cent) and over 30 per cent of visitors were international.

About half of the visitors belong to the automotive industry, i.e. car and vehicle manufacture and their component supply industries, but machinery and plant construction, the electrical and electronics industry, mould making and die casting foundries also demonstrated great interest in the event. Thus, this was the perfect frame for an extensive diffusion of Soundcast project that has been carried out in two different ways:

  • Main- Exhibitor Diffusion: Posters, decoration and video in three main-exhibitors of the companies: Chem-Trend and VDS; and research centre ASCAMM.

Chem Trend Stand

VDS Stand


  • Distribution of leaflets: three different leaflets were distributed by Chem-Trend, VDS, ASCAMM, IK4-AZTERLAN and TU-BS during their attendance to the fair at their own stand or visiting other stands. Download leaflets: Chem-Trend, IK4-AZTERLAN, ASCAMM


International Foundry Exhibition 2014.

International Foundry Exhibition, took place from 19th to 21th of May in Bilbao (Spain). The Metallurgical Research Centre (IK4-AZTERLAN), partner of the Soundcast project, attended as main-exhibitor and was responsible for the diffusion of the project on behalf of the consortium.


10th METEF 2014

METEF, the International Expo of customized technology for the aluminium & innovative metals industry, was held from 11th to 13th of June in Verona (Italy). The 10th METEF fair had a successful participation with more than 400 exhibitors and 10,000 international visitors. VDS and Chem-Trend had a stand including video and/or a flyer of the Soundcast project.


13th GIFA

GIFA, the International Foundry Trade Fair, took place from 16th to 20th of June 2015 in Düsseldorf (Germany). The GIFA Fair closed with a high participation: 2.214 exhibitors and 78.000 visitors from 120 different countries. It is remarkable that more than half of the exhibitors (51 per cent) and over 56 per cent of visitors were international. VDS, Chem-Trend, IK4-AZTERLAN and EURECAT had a stand in GIFA 2015.


EUROGUSS, the International Trade Fair for Die Casting, was held from 12th to 14thof January 2016 in Nuremberg. Soundcast results were promoted in the stands of Chem-Trend, VDS and SCHMALE&SCHULTE.

schamle_schutle1 schamle_schutle2 vds chemtrend flyer1 flyer2


 Release of the SOUNDCAST project video


– Laser beam welding of high ductile secondary HPDC aluminum alloy at reduced ambient pressure”Author: TU-BS