Given that this project is centred on a technological need and challenge that is experienced by a large community of European SMEs, the work plan has been based on a bottom-up, industry driven approach:

WP1 (Coordination and management).  

This  WP  covers  all  those  aspects  of  project  management  and  control,  which  will  ensure  that  the  project successfully achieves its stated objectives on time and within budget.

WP2 (System modelling and porosity reduction).  

This  WP  focuses  on  the  VPDC  parameters  that  can  be  directly  related  to  porosity  formation  and development  of  good  practices  to  avoid  its  formation  (numerical  simulation,  HPDC  process  parameter, lubrication). Statistical methods will be used for identifying the main parameters affecting porosity formation.

WP3 (Mechanical property improvement).  

In this WP all aspects of mechanical properties that are not related to porosity will be optimized:  the new recycled  alloy(s)  composition,  the  melt  and  heat  treatment  and  a  suitable control  for  the  new  melt treatments  (Si  modification  and  degassing)  developed.  HPDC  process  parameters  have  to  be  adapted  to the new recycled alloy.

WP4 (Welding process optimization).  

The objective  of  this  WP  is  to  establish  an  appropriate  lubrication  technique  and  welding  process  that allows using the new recycled alloy(s) for structural applications in vehicles

WP5 (Demonstration).  

The  objective  of  this  WP  is  to  demonstrate  the effectiveness  of  the  new  VPDC  technologies  and  new recycled alloy(s) developed in the project in each participating SME foundry under industrial conditions. The demonstrators  will  be  validated  by  x-ray  tomography,  metallographic  analysis,  tensile  testing  and  welding test.


WP6 (Dissemination and exploitation of project results).  

An important part of the proposed project is the dissemination and exploitation of the results reached within the project. Training activities for the SME foundry personnel are also foreseen.