Objectives and targets:

  • To  develop  the know-how for producing  sound  and  weldable  high  performance  aluminum components  by  low  cost  vacuum  assisted  HPDC  process  (VPDC)  taking  into  account  the whole fabrication process.
    • SOUNDCAST  technology  package  for  the  whole  fabrication  process  (numerical  simulation,  die design, melt and heat treatment, die lubrication, HPDC process, vacuum system, welding process, quality control system)
  • Development  of  new  secondary  alloy(s) with  high  mechanical  properties optimized  by  micro-addition of alloying elements with environmental friendly and economical heat treatments
    • Formulation of recycled aluminum alloy(s) with high mechanical properties
    • Methodology for melt and heat treatment of the new recycled alloy(s)
  • A quality control system will be developed in order to assure the mechanical properties of the VPDC components
    • New software for melt quality control based on thermal analysis
    • New software for VPDC process control based on statistical analysis
  • Development  of  a  new welding  process for  VPDC  components made  by  this  new  alloy(s) and optimization of die lubrication for welding or heat treatment applications
    • New laser welding process at reduced pressure